Ride Bands - The cheapest way to have the most fun at the Fete. Available for purchase online soon.

Ride included with Ride Band (RB) *must be a minimum of 122 cm to be able to ride all rides unaccompanied.

Ride included with Junior Ride Band (JB)

Ride Band (RB) *

Music Trip

Cha Cha

Jurrasic Inflatable

Giant Slide

Gym Bus

V8 Simulator

Animal Farm

Junior Ride Band (JB)

Chair o Plane

Gym Bus

Giant Slide

Rainforrest Inflatable

Animal Farm

V8 Simulator

Tea Cups

Music Trip (RB) 122+ cm

The Music Trip moves from side to side in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction, building up momentum until it reaches the top. It’s also decorated with eye-catching and attractive art that creates a true fairground atmosphere.

Cha Cha (RB) 120+cm

This old-time favourite never loses its appeal. From kids as young as six to grandparents, they just can’t get enough. This high-speed thrill ride spins and spins, picking up speed as it goes.

Jurassic Inflatable (RB) 4 yrs+

This 10 x 10 meter inflatable comes complete with a rock wall, two slides and dinosaurs everywhere you turn.

Giant Slide (RB) (JB) 3yrs +

It’s huge - At 33 metres long and 12 meters high, you’re never too old to ride this slide.

Gym Bus (RB) (JB) 3-12yrs

The Gymbus works like an indoor playground and is suitable for children aged between 3 and 12 years. The roomy interior of the double decker bus has been refurbished with modified gymnastics and play equipment including, fireman’s pole, tunnels, slides, trapeze, roman rings, monkey bars, ladders and more to encourage children to climb, roll, slide, swing and dance their way around. Even children, who aren’t physically inclined, find the Gymbus exciting and fun.


Tons of fun for everyone!

Chair o Plane (JB) 4yrs +

See them fly around and around on the chairoplane!

Rainforrest Inflatable (JB)

One for the little ones. A great jungle-themed attraction, complete with slide and jungle animals.


Race your friends to the finish line!